Need a speaker?  We love to talk about ourselves and about our project.

Some of us do more speaking than others, and we offer a spectrum of choices.

At Piedmont we have a selection of speakers to choose from, and we suggest you pick thoughtfully.

On one extreme we have Lyle.  He has averaged one talk a week for eight years.  Whether you are the Sierra Club, or the Chamber of Commerce, he is guaranteed to light up your meeting.  But be careful.  Sometimes his speeches are more like spankings.  Lyle has addressed everything from Rotary Clubs to science classes to national conferences on everything from sustainable biodiesel to local economy.  He’s covered his favorite subject, local food, to his personal least favorite; “The Moral Foundations of Capitalism.” Lyle falls into the “be careful what you wish for” category of public speakers.

For a more measured, scientific approach, we have Rachel.  She tends to give papers at technical conferences.  And she tends to stay closer to the facts.  She is an expert at things like fuel quality, and enzymatic processing, and biodiesel analytics and the like.  Much less likely to offend an audience, Rachel is capable of walking the line between fleet managers, grant funders, and biodiesel activists.

If it is education you want, we have Chris Jude.  Chris has been immersed in biodiesel for a long, long time.  He was Piedmont’s first intern.  He’s run commercial production, run farm scale biodiesel operations, delivered a ton of educational workshops, and operates our Clean Technology Demonstration Unit. Chris is a safe bet.  He knows his biodiesel cold, and is a sustainability advocate through and through.  Chris is guaranteed to please anyone interested in getting a well rounded biodiesel education.

We run our speaking business on a sliding scale.  It ranges from “free” to the high school science class with no budget, to thousands of dollars to those who are sponsoring a conference and charging at the door.  Out attitude is simple.  If you are making money from our presence, share it with us.  If you are broke, we will do what we can to try to help out.

Bear in mind that we think sustainability comes from throwing as much into the pot as you take out of the pot.  Or perhaps a little more.

So be careful when you call for a “free” Piedmont speaker for your event.  Like you, we have a hungry pot to feed…

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