Tanks: Moncure

Piedmont Biofuels – Moncure, NC

37 Thomas Lane
Moncure, NC 27559
Hours: 24/7–Co-op members self-service.


That was then.

Piedmont Biofuels refinery

This is now.

Cob House

This was our first tank. We picked it up from a bulldozer driver in Asbury Community who told us it was 336 gallons. We thought of this as our “elevated 336” for a long time, and it later became known as “The Tami Tank.”

Gravity is a great way to fill your vehicle. If you have lots of time. And if you don’t want to filter or meter the fuel that flys by.

Shown here is a popular local act known as “Arlo and the Fuzzy Fuel Queens”.

We put a solar panel and a 12V setup on this tank, and we documented how to do it here.

For vegetable derived biodiesel purists, this location pumps fuel that is made onsite by America’s smallest legal onroad biodiesel producer.

With the help of cob builder Stephen Hren, and a ton of coop members, we built this cob structure to defend against the cold weather. Cob is made of local dirt, sand, and straw, which is mixed together and stacked, painstakingly, inches at a time. You can read more about this installation in Home Power.

This south facing shed acts as a passive solar heater for the fuel. The energy of the sun is absorbed into the thermal mass of the walls by day, and released at night. Below is a graph of its performance during the winter of 2006, provided by cold flow expert, Don Mueller.

Cob House Graph

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