The Komet CA-59

The Komet series of seed presses is known for it’s ease of use, robust and reliable manufacturing, as well as it’s low power consumption.  The CA59 is Monfort’s smallest press, which makes it a great choice for research, education or home use.

At Piedmont we use our CA59 on our Cleantech mobile education trailer to demonstrate the wide range of oilseeds that can be used for biodiesel feedstocks.  We also love to press flaxseeds, grapeseeds, or even pumpkin seeds for our own delicious edible oils.

The Komet press features an infinitely variable carbon ring motor mount, to provide speed control with nearly constant torque.  All presses come with a complete toolkit, 4 nozzle sizes and cleaning brushes.

Email us or call (919)321-8260 for pricing.

Technical Data

Capacity in [lbs] of input material / hour
(depending on type and Bulk of Density
of oil seed to be processed)
6 – 11
Electric Power of Drive Motor in [kW] 1,1
Weight in [lbs]
(net only, without input material)
Dimensions in [in]

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