Recent Projects

Piedmont Biofuels Design Build team is proud to show off a few of their recent completed builds.  Over the last 5 years we’ve come a long way with our designs, and we continue to work to create rugged, appropriately design biodiesel production solutions. In 2010 we’ve been focusing on our Cavitator line, building a 5gpm system for Central Carolina Community College’s new Biofuels lab. Now in their lab students will be able to have hands on experience with a continous flow cavitational reactor.

We worked with Hilltown Farmer’s Coop in Northwest Massachussets to build a mobile 150 gallon batch reactor and seed crushing setup. This group of six farmers, ranging from dairy to beef, maple syrup and hay, has been growing Cranby, Canola and Sunflowers to provide oil for their fuel needs and feed for their livestock. This trailer mounted system is powered and heated by a 10kW diesel generator, features water and ion exchange purification, and a Monforts DD85G seed press to process their oil seeds.

Montana State University contracted with us in 2009 to build a state of the art college production lab with all the bells and whistles. This system is heated with liquid heat from a university boiler, with acid/base esterification, ion exchange resin towers, and vacuum assisted methanol recovery.

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