Springboard’s Biopro Line of Automated Reactors

Springboard's 2011 line

At Piedmont Biofuels we’ve been building a range of biodiesel production equipment for people since 2006.  In that time we’re often asked about an affordable, safe and easy to use system for the home or small fleet producer.  Most of the time we’d end up just trying to steer people clear of the unsafe and often shoddily built plastic tanks reactors available out there.  So we are happy to report that Piedmont is now a proud distributor of the BioPro line of automated processors and dry-wash systems from Chico, California’s Springboard Biodiesel.

We’ve been able to test out the Biopro with our friends over at Central Carolina Community College, and we found that it’s simple to use, and sure enough, it consistently makes great fuel.  They’ve got easy to use, automated controls, explosion proof pumps, and they use materials that will stand up to biodiesel production.

Springboard has a varied product line and works hard on upgrades and improvement to their line.  Check out the links below for more information on the Biopro line:

  • Biopro 150 Biodiesel Processor
  • Biopro 190 Biodiesel Processor
  • Biopro 380 Biodiesel Processor
  • INCOSEP Seperation Technology
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