Biopro 150

The BioPro 150

The BioPro 150 offers the same quality, ease of use, and safety that the BioPro 190 and the BioPro 380 are known for, but in a smaller package, producing 40 gallons of biodiesel every 48 hours. As with the BioPro 190 and the BioPro 380, the BioPro 150 is constructed of 304 stainless steel; all components are industrial-grade quality.

• How it works •

The Biopro 150

  • Innovative Monitoring Features.
  • Power Button for L.E.D. Sensors.
  • Easy to read and understand! Just fill until the appropriate switch lights up and stays lit. Please Read Your Owners Manual
  • This latest upgrade further establishes the BioPro 150 as the most affordable, high-quality biodiesel processor available. It’s simple, small, and dependable.
  • The BioPro 150 fuel pump is an optional item. The machine has a bracket for mounting the fueling pump and connects in the same way as the BioPro 190.

Operating the BioPro 150 is similar to operating the BioPro 190 with the following exceptions:

  • After each automated spray wash or turbulent wash cycle, the waste water is drained off manually.
  • One tank is employed to accommodate the methanol/ methoxide used for the esterification /transesterification reactions. At the beginning of the process, the user must stay with the machine for about 8-10 minutes while the methanol is pumped out of this tank into the main reaction vessel. After this step is complete, the user must add the catalyst and a second dose of methanol to the same tank. The machine will do the rest.

Processing Capacity

  • One 40 gallon batch every 48 hours.


  • 40 gallons of vegetable oil (feedstock).
  • 8 gallons methanol.
  • 1215 grams (3.3 lbs) NaOH (lye) or 1890 grams (5.2 lbs) KOH (caustic potash.
  • 150 mL (0.8 cups) sulfuric acid.
  • 32 gallons fresh water

Power Requirements

  • Standard 115V AC power (15 amps max)

(50 Hz units available for outside the US) Reaction Method

  • acid catalyzed esterification/base catalyzed transesterification

Wash Method

  1. Three stage water wash
  2. Spray wash.
  3. Turbulent wash.
  4. Turbulent wash followed by evaporative drying cycle


  • PLC controlled automated mode, with switch actuated manual overrides.

Weight (crated)

  • 355 lbs.


  • $6995 plus shipping

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