The Cavitator

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation describes the formation, growth, and implosive collapse of gas or vapor-filled bubbles in a liquid. The rapid collapse of vapor bubbles produces a shock wave that forces reactants, such as oil and alcohol, into emulsion. The continuous high-shear cavitational reactor works to greatly increase the speed and efficiency of the Biodiesel reaction through intense localized heat and violent mixing. Within this cavitational reaction paradigm, oil, alcohol, and catalyst are precisely metered into the reactor at room temperature. The resultant reaction produces a high quality and high conversion biodiesel within seconds.

Product Lines


Modular Design

Skid-mounted, small footprint (4 ft x 6 ft) reduces facility costs, and greatly simplifies design and construction. Plug-and-play design reduces installation time and costs.

Continuous Flow

Achieve consistent quality and continuous output (24/7) with minimal operator input. The cavitation reaction occurs instantaneously in a continuous fluid stream. Processing time is reduced by 90% over conventional batch processing. Upgrade your existing reactor and achieve higher capacities and reliable performance- in a much smaller footprint.

Feedstock Flexibility

The Cavitator™ can accept low-quality feedstocks that conventional reactor technology cannot. Our system can reliably meet ASTM 6584 utilizing fats, oils & greases with a FFA content of up to 7% and Moisture up to 10,000 ppm, with No Pretreatment!


The Cavitator™ is equipped to perform a wide range of feedstock pretreatment processes, including Acid Esterification, Caustic Stripping, and Degumming. Nearly all fats, oils, & greases can be run through the Cavitator™ without the need for pretreatment. However, this versatility allows you even greater feedstock flexibility.

Automation – Process Control

Each Cavitator™ is built to allow both fully manual and fully automated control of operation parameters. Automation options include high-resolution HMI interface, Programmable Logic Control, and remote monitoring.

Process Intensification

Cavitation allows the efficient reaction of biodiesel to occur with minimal energy inputs. The reaction occurs at room temperature, eliminating the need for preheating.

For pricing or more information on how the Cavitator can increase your yields and kickstart your plant contact Design Build.  Email us at or 919-321-8260.

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