The Plant

The Plant is where we work. And it is kinda hard to describe.  It was an abandoned industrial park on the edge of town, and now it is home to Piedmont Biofuels, and a bunch of other businesses.

A visitor to The Plant would be greeted by the large cold storage units and refrigerated trucks operated by Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO). Farmers come from all over the region to drop off their wares to ECO, and ECO distributes millions of dollars worth of vegetables to fancy restaurants and grocery stores throughout the region.  They are sort of the darling of our local food shed.

And they could not help but notice greenhouses everywhere.  Screech has hydroponic lettuce and conventional peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes under cultivation in a giant greenhouse complex.  They would also see the fecund fields of Piedmont Biofarm, which has three acres of sustainable produce under cultivation all around us and is successfully developing bio-regionally appropriate seeds for area growers.

The Plant is the home of Carolina Worm Castings which has thousands of worms at work digesting food waste and compost and making castings for soil amendments.  It’s the home of Green Door Designs which is a new green builder in town.

The office of The Abundance Foundation sits in the yard of The Plant.

It’s a changing landscape.  Businesses come and go, fortunes rise and fall, but The Plant has endured nicely.  Maybe it is a piece of real estate.  Or it could be a Suessian anomaly.

We just call it home, and enjoy all of the cool people and things that go on around us…

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